Top 5 ways to stay STRONG, LEAN & HAPPY this holiday season!

It has been a few months since summer has passed. The importance we put into being “beach body” and “bikini ready” shelved for another winter period. But why??? Let’s have a heart to heart and ask ourselves why it is ok to let our bodies suffer one half of the year, then ask it to perform the second half. The reason I am saying this, is because it is our overall health and fitness levels that allow us to live our very best lives. Putting time constraints and deadlines on physical attributes and aesthetic desires, only fuels the cycle of crash diets, cold turkey attempts at cutting out “junk food” and giving up alcohol for “Dry January” for yet another year, and the list goes on. Instead, why don’t we take it upon ourselves to try and improve our lives holistically, building habit based changes into the rest of our living days (because thats a long damn time to come!)

I am obviously not saying that wanting to look better naked and perform better at sports aren't valid goals. Of course not. I am simply saying this:

There is no need for us to feel bad about ourselves. Simply starting to make a positive change is all it takes. Rome wasn't built in a day, walk before you can run, patience is a virtue and practice makes perfect. So on and so on...All these sentiments exist, because at some point in time, someone has done what you are doing now and has learnt that it takes time, effort and consistency to achieve something of worth (not 4 weeks pre-vacation). So let's learn from their examples, heed the advice and start now with making the changes that will allow us to achieve our health and fitness goals, whatever they may be, and keep them for the long term.

Check out the video below to discover “Top 5 ways to make sure you stay STRONG, LEAN AND HAPPY this holiday season!”


To recap focus on the following:

  1. Stay hydrated. It helps digestion, acts as an appetite suppressant, aids recovery, promotes muscle tissue quality and will help you stay mentally and physically active.

  2. Up the fiber. Eat one more piece of fruit and/or one more handful of greens each day/meal. It keeps you regular, moving the holiday pies along, is nutrient dense and curbs cravings for other sugary snacks.

  3. Move. Keep your training plan a priority in your schedule. Plan out your workouts, and if other obligations get in the way, then take the stairs, walk to the train station or stand up at work. An object in motion stays in motion. Stationary body and mind leads to stagnation of the body and mind.

  4. Get some ZZZZ’s. 8 hours per night. Don't get burnt out and sacrifice your exercise for an extra hour in bed. Will power is sapped by tiredness, leading to comfort eating and hitting snooze. GET YOUR 8 HOURS!

  5. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. You have a calendar full of events, so start adding when you will grocery shop and food prep on that calendar too. Have enough healthy food in the house and protein shake in your bag. Structure your efforts and see the holiday season come and go without being derailed from your health and fitness goals.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share this with your friends, family and colleagues.

Happy holidays from the Ethos Fitness + Performance team!