Save a spine one swing at a time

Exercising or training? Doing or performing? Passive or active? Practicing or working out?

Learning a little more about how a movement is performed allows us to measure its accuracy and effectiveness. If it gets measured, it gets managed.

Here is a complex-ish image of our awesome member Mary performing a set of 5 kettlebell swings at 24kg. In pic 1, we see that when the legs lock out, the bell hasn't yet reached the "float" position of the swing. This is fine.

In pic 2 however, the bell has continued the upswing, and pulls her into spinal extension, turning her anterior core off, and sending her posterior chain into overdrive. This can lead to lower back pain and the hamstrings doing more work than needed. Now we know, we can work on controlling the rib cage, driving power down in the swing, instead of forward with the hips, and building more anterior core strength/control through anti-extension exercises such as dead-bugs and body-saws etc.

At Ethos Fitness + Performance we follow the program path of:

Assessment > Tracking > Measurement > Accountability = Results.

Because "If it gets measured, it get managed."