Your Quick, at Home Holiday Workout

With the holidays upon us, many people find themselves at home with no access to a gym.  A lack of exercise, plus a lot of time with relatives, may be a recipe for disaster.  Why not take a break from them and get in some movement?  We know our Ethos athletes understand the importance of always moving, so lucky for you, we have a quick workout that can be done anywhere! All you will need is your bodyweight and a little bit of space.

Your Holiday Workout:

Always remember to do some mobility first.  Check out our Dynamic Stretch Series here.

Core Work:
Do 3 sets of the following for 30 seconds each time:

  • Dead Bug
  • Front Plank
  • Side Plank- Right & Left

Do 4 Sets:

  1. Turkish Get- Up- 1 each side
  2. Single Leg Deadlift- 10 each leg
  3. Push Up- 5 to 10


  1. 1. Jump Squat- 30 seconds
    *rest 30 seconds*
  2. Sit-Throughs- 30 Seconds
    *rest 30 seconds*
  3. Lateral Skaters- 30 Seconds
  4. *rest 30 seconds*

Repeat 4 times (12 minutes total)

For a reminder of each movement, check out the video below.