Why you NEED TO move (every damn day)

A few months ago, I attended the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) certification presented by Dr. Andreo Spina. This blog is meant to be a synopsis of what I learned from not only attending the certification, but also implementing FRC with myself and my clients, and just thinking about the FRC System. If what I talk about interests or makes sense to you, do some research on your own about FRC and Dr. Spina.

Let's start with what is exercise and why do we do it?
Exercise is fake work; simply put. Exercise is work that we (humans) have created to make up for all that we no longer do. If you agree with the theory of evolution, it should make sense that for the VAST (like 99%) majority of our (human) existence has been spent doing very physical real work.
I’m referring to it as real work because it includes shit that if you didn’t do, you would die, quickly.

This real work included things along the lines of hunting, gathering, fighting, climbing, and running from predators. All very physically demanding and wide ranging things that were done on a daily basis…. Or else you would die, quickly.

Now, compare that to the typical day in 2017: sitting in a car, sitting or standing at work, sitting and eating dinner (made from ingredients either bought at a grocery store or conveniently cooked for you), and capping off the night by reading or watching TV.

It should quickly become evident that these two lifestyles are vastly different in a number of ways. Probably the biggest being how physically demanding and varying each is.

So what do we do to make up for the lack of movement in our typical 2017 day? Fake work (exercise)! To try and fill in that big ass work gap with physical activity.

How big is that gap?
- It’s a big ass gap.

So what do you need to do?
- Move, more.

How often?
- Every damn day.

Now at this point you might be saying ‘" just don’t have time for that’." I would simply say, your body doesn’t give a shit how busy you are. Sorry, but it’s true. Your body evolved over millions of years to be able to move frequently and variably throughout the day; every single day. At this point in time, it does not give a damn that in the past century people have started moving significantly less and less and less. It still needs to move frequently. 

If your body is in pain and doesn’t work well, it’s almost like "well yeah what do you expect, you don’t do human stuff so why should your body work like a perfectly functioning human."

How can I be more human?
The daily minimum – move all of your joints through a full pain-free range of motion as much as possible. See the CARs video below.
If you use your joints often, your body will work to keep them healthy – it’s that simple. And if you don’t use your joints often, your body will not waste energy to keep them healthy.

Finally, if you’re too busy to spend 5-10 minutes in order to go through each joint, just pick the joints you care about keeping healthy.

Want more info?

Like I said in the beginning, do some research on Functional Range Conditioning and Dr. Spina; it will be well worth your time if you care about your body.

More questions? Email me – matt@ethosfit.com.