A game plan to achieve your first push-up!

The push-up is a fantastic movement and one everyone should be practicing or working towards. Often times the push-up can be elusive to an athlete and become a point of frustration. Fear not, we have a simple plan for you to follow so you can crush your first push-up and beyond!

First off, understand that the push-up requires more than killer arms and chest strength. More often than not people get lost in the pushing and forget the rest of their body. This leaves them "worming" their way to the ground and then back up.

Step 1: Practice the plank. The plank is an important skill to master with huge cross over to many other movements and great bang for your buck with regards to total body strength.

Step 2: Practice the high plank. The high plank gives you the same strength benefits as before but now allows you to mirror the start of the push-up and build stronger shoulders. Think about keep the arms as long as possible and push the floor away in this position.

3. NO move to an elevated position. Use a squat rack where possible. Start with the bar at hip height. Spread the hands to shoulder width.

4. Before you attempt a rep, set you hands up under your elbows, elbows under shoulders and a neutral wrist on the bar (not bending backwards).

5. Think about actively "pulling" yourself to the bar, not dropping down and bouncing back. Keep your elbows tight to your ribs throughout the movement. No chicken wings here please!

6. Complete 10 reps before moving the bar down a notch. Complete as required until you reach the ground level! When you are ready! Crush your first push-up!

We hope this simple tutorial helps your push-ups. Please share with your friends and fellow athletes.