Try this drill to make your kettlebell swing more powerful

This drill is a great way to teach yourself to get "tight' before hiking the kettlebell back between your legs and swinging the kettlebell. the "drag the bell through the mud" drill (not the catchiest title I agree) highlights an need for:

  1. Accurate stance width
  2. Accurate starting distance from the bell on the ground
  3. Use and need of a neutral spine
  4. Firing the lats (Latissimus dorsi). Are you using the muscles of your upper back to conenct to the bell)
  5. Depth of hips in hike
  6. Control of initial ascent of the kettlebell between the legs
  7. Appropriate use of posterior chain, namely the glutes, hamstrings and erectors of the lower back to manage the load of the kettlebell.

Check out the video below with Coach Matt to learn how to perform this great practice drill and check out next weeks post to learn the "hike pass" and developing massive power and solid glutes and hamstrings.