Mistakes are my middle name but two stand out as the biggest blocks in my progress in my years as a coach:

  1. Not getting a mentor/coach sooner.
  2. Believing there was a one-size-fits all _(diet/exercise method/etc.)_.

Mistake #1: Not getting a mentor/coach sooner cost me years of growth in my own lifting and subjected my clients to years of bad coaching.

Because of life circumstances I was out on my own soon after I started coaching. I got results, but was terrified of asking for help as a coach because it would expose me as someone who had no idea what she was doing (um... true). Instead I read books and articles, gaining knowledge and "cues" without building the art and skill of coaching. 

When I finally got over myself, I learned more in one year of working and training 1:1 with Steve DiLello at Total Performance Sports than I ever learned from reading countless strength training books, coaching CrossFit or bootcamp classes, and privately training clients over the previous four years combined. 

Lesson: That thing you're resisting/avoiding is where your biggest opportunity for growth lies. Get curious about it and see what happens!

Mistake #2: I believed there was a one-size-fits-all diet or exercise method to happiness, health, and wellness. 

The reason I am here today is because I began a quest for the healthiest way to live over 10 years ago to lose 20+ pounds of fat and effortlessly keep it off. But there-in lies a flaw… there’s no “healthiest”… only healthful-right-now…

… in your current circumstances

… in your current schedule

… and is easy to follow-through on

As I learned there’s no single right way to move or eat, I became a much more pleasant person to be around. I was able to relax into a healthy lifestyle for myself and help others build the habits that really create change instead of an all-or-none mentality.

Lesson: Eating is a tool. Exercise is a tool. The method doesn’t matter, but the stimulus to take you closer to or further from your goals does. Find what works best for you, right now, today, and make it a default habit to fall back on when life hits the fan