“What I eat in a day” w/Coach Jay

By the time you read this, I will have hacked away at the utter bullshit I will end up writing about my day to day life and only give the stuff that matters. It will give you what I eat, and why I eat it, and how I came to making these choices through a rational, honest and committed structure. You will also notice that many of my feelings around food mirror those of Joey Tribbiani and that lad Bruce from Matilda.


I am happy to say that I am no different from anyone else. I work hard to get/keep my shit together, to prioritize what is important to me, and what I am willing to sacrifice in order to make those priorities worthwhile. If I go back on my priorities, it's not because I am weak or a failure, its because I just didn't want it as much as I wanted the other thing (think late night family size bar of REAL english Cadburys chocolate bar vs working towards being 10% body fat).


Being 10% body fat would be really nice. I would without a doubt be more confident in being on the beach, and when I look in the mirror. But I couldn’t tell you why that's important to me. REAL Cadburys chocolate however, is delicious, gives me instant gratification in its nostalgia of childhood, relaxes me and (did I mention it's bloody delicious). I know why I want that thing, and its benefits to me vastly outweigh the other option of the “10% bodyfat” goal. These benefits are not important on their own per se, but they beat out the opposition which in this case is the body fat goal so to me, they are clearly more important.


Once I know why I am doing something, why this something is of real importance to me, I will stick to it. This is a guideline, a set of principles, my “Ethos” if you will, behind prioritizing one reasonable task over another. If on the other hand, I don’t know why, I will see any wavering from a loose structure as weakness, as inability to stay on course, as a failure, and with plenty of guilt and self-deprecation.


Write it down, tell everyone you know and even those you don’t, ask for support and guidance, make lofty bets, keep a food journal, avoid boozy social gatherings, buy nice tupperware. Do whatever it takes to cultivate a successful environment for your given reasonable and prioritized why. Keep developing this environment as you succeed. Sacrifices will be made, but if you know why, it’s guilt free and you are in a great place.

Priority: Perform well. Get stronger. Sleep well. Reduce stress. Stay energized.

Reason: Enjoy life. Strength is everything. Live confident. Be my best self all day long.

Execute: Eat enough throughout the day. Don’t binge late. Organize my eating schedule.

What this equates too: Meal prep 4 breakfasts, 5 "second breakfasts", 5 lunches, 5 protein shakes, 5 dinners every Sunday for the week ahead.



Coached 6-9am

Trained 9-11am

General shenanigans 11am-11pm

Here is what I ate:

B - 6am: 1/2 cup mixed nuts + large black coffee + 2x epic meat bars

S - 11am: Protein shake (not pictured)

L - 1pm: Wagamama ginger chicken noodles + shrimp + chicken dumplings

D - 5:30pm: Giant pork, kale, sweet potato, almond, goats cheese salad

Booze - 8pm: 1x goose island IPA.



Trained 6-8am

Coached 8-11am

Worked 11-5pm

Coached 5-7pm

Bed at 10pm.

Here is what I ate:

B1 - 4:45am: 1 cup greek yogurt + mixed berries, oats and chia. LARGE black coffee.

S1 - 5pm: protein shake

B2 - 11am: 2 turkey burgers + 1/2 sweet potato.

L - 1pm: Giant pork, kale, sweet potato, almond, goats cheese salad

S2 - 5pm: protein shake

D - 7pm: poke bowl with meat and avocado.

In summary, I eat the way I eat because it allows me to train well, meet my goals, and remove stressors by staying organized and focused. I sacrifice little things here and there now and again, but I make decisions based on whats most important to me. It is important to bear in mind the following - you should never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted.

In the comments below, share your questions and one surprising thing that stuck out to you.