What I eat in a day w/ Coach Alex

My relationship with food started in my teenage years. As I started to get into weight training and was focused on changing my body, I knew that I needed to focus more on what I was putting into my body. Much like my training, the way I eat has progressed and changed over the years. 

When I was younger and could get away with eating pretty much whatever I wanted, all I focused on was quantity. Making sure I was getting in a lot of calories and protein to help grow my muscles alongside my weight training. As I have matured, I have come to understand the QUALITY of my food choices now, and focus less on the QUANTITY. 

I fell in love with cooking at a young age, so much that I even went to tour Johnson and Wales culinary school in hopes of enrolling. Even though my career path did not put me in the kitchen as a chef, I still had an immense love for cooking and soon enough it became a hobby. I believe the key to eating healthy is by starting a healthy relationship with food. Learning how to cook simple meals, what goes together and what works for your taste buds. Often times I recommend a client to go to the grocery store and spend an hour or so just browsing the aisles. Looking at all the different types of vegetables, fruits, proteins etc. to simply learn and spark a "relationship" with food first. I am convinced that once you start to appreciate an ingredient, or become passionate about something you are eating, you will be more likely to make this food a habit. 

Things I focus on in my daily eating:

- Protein sources from grass fed meats and fish (Pro tip: In our current day of technology you can use a service that delivers organic, grass fed meats right to your doorstep. Thaw what you are going to eat and store the rest in the freezer. Try Butcher Box or Walden Meat Company meat shares!)

- Veggies (basically anything and everything)

- Carb sources from sweet potatoes, oats, apples and rice

- Healthy fats from avocado, coconut oil, grass fed butter and nuts 

A typical day of eating for me:

6 a.m. Breakfast: Usually an egg white frittata that I cook on Sundays and use throughout the week. I fill it with veggies, sweet potatoes, ground turkey and oh yes.. sriracha! Plus coffee, duh!

11 a.m. Lunch: A salad or grain bowl of some sort. I walk a lot from the South End to Copley Square so I either stop over at B. Good or Bon Me truck and get a salad or grain bowl. Pro tip: I look at the calorie count next to the menu item and always try and ask for extra protein!

12 - 1 p.m. Train (either weight training or Jiu Jitsu) 

1 p.m. Post workout recovery shake: My go to is 8 oz. plain kefir, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vanilla protein, 2 tbs flax seeds.

6-7 p.m. Dinner: Some sort of meat source which can be steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, salmon or tuna. Whatever roasted vegetable or greens I decide to make or have available in my fridge. 

8-9 p.m. Snack: my night time snack is normally Greek yogurt with berries, nuts and a drizzle of honey. 

Of course, every day might be a little different from this and I do eat cookies, ice cream and doughnuts like a normal person, but I try to moderate it to 2x or less a week. Making sure all my other meals are on point! There is no secret to nutrition, just keep it simple!

Eating healthy is a form of self-respect. 

Here are some pictures of the food I eat.