A MassRealty.com review: A Complete Wellness Program Awaits You at Ethos Fitness + Performance

Ethos Fitness was born from an aspiration to improve people's health. Owners James Weedall and Jessica McCutcheon-Schour united in their mission to foster good health through fitness, nutrition, and mental balance. "Strong together" is their motto, which means that practicing strength training as a member of the Ethos community is the building block of better health and fitness. Achieving a positive mindset and believing in one's abilities to improve are also essential to the Ethos fitness journey.

"We promote a 'growth' mindset, [which is] a positive, explorative and effort-based approach that encourages members to set their mind to a task and believe that they can grow and strengthen their abilities through effort," Weedall said. "You can make everything better through effort."

Ethos Fitness is the South End's only kettlebell studio and is in high demand. All of their coaches are StrongFirst certified in addition to possessing a number of other professional designations. From private training lessons to small group classes, Ethos Fitness can recommend a suitable program to fit your individual needs and goals. For example, private lessons can be tailored to emphasize any fitness goal such as better mobility, strength, conditioning or stamina.

Classes at Ethos are usually small in size, limiting the coach to athlete ratio to 1 to 8. This allows instructors to devote more time to each member and deliver customized instruction to mostly everyone in the class. This small group training style offers efficient, high-satisfaction coaching and genuine accountability. Having a support network of like-minded and hardworking Ethos community members makes the workout that much more rewarding.

"Our ultimate goal is to help members from all walks of life develop the skills needed to take ownership over their health and fitness," Weedall said. "[Regardless of whether you are] a novice or elite, you [will] conquer your challenges through a smart and thoughtful long-term approach to training."

The unique value proposition at Ethos is its community focus. In the 1980s, people had the local bar; in the 1990s, they relied on the coffee shop; today, more and more flock to the gym. Ethos is the place where people share their successes and failures. At Ethos, you will have access to monthly community events such as cook-offs and bowling nights to develop lasting friendships with you peers and teachers. In addition, the gym offers free monthly nutrition events, a critical component of a sustainable wellness program.

"The Ethos community is incredible and makes this [vocation truly a life mission]," Weedall said. "We work with people from all walks of life who want to be the best version of themselves."