How to Move Well at Work

This week the Ethos Team is focusing on ways to move at work and stay active despite being stuck at the office all day. We all know that sitting for long periods of time can have a severe negative effect on posture and joint health. Unfortunately, we can't tell you not to go to work, not to sit or type at a computer, or to stand with perfect posture fo 8+ hours each day. What we can do is ask you to commit a few minutes each day to moving at work. Moving throughout the day will help you stay in good posture and maintain good joint health. This means you will be taller, have less pain, and move better.

Here are a few ways to reverse the damage of sitting and improve your mobility and posture in just a few minutes each day. Try some yoga poses at the office or take this 30 day posture challenge (guys, this is for you too!)