Kettlebell Academy is where all new class members begin. 1 coach to a maximum of 8 students. Whether you are a pro with the kettlebells or a complete first timer, we require that everyone attend a minimum 4 Academy classes to learn and clean up the fundamental exercises that make the kettlebell such an effective tool. In these sessions we learn and refine the kettlebell swing, squat, press, clean and Turkish get-up (click on the links for the technique standards). Learning these movements allow your coach to safely and confidently graduate you into any of our other classes.


Our Team class structure takes your newly learned skills to the next level. With a progressing program and variety of formats, Team classes are our daily go-to for a strong and safe training.

Team Strength

Team Strength is a program that focuses on getting your body stronger and leaner using kettlebells, bodyweight and barbells. Designed to build a strong foundation of movement, strength and control in to your training, Team Strength is a must attend class.


Team MetCon

Team MetCon is designed to stoke the metabolic fire whilst putting your endurance to the test. MetCon stands for "metabolic conditioning" and as such is created to challenge the metabolism and condition the body to deal with cardiovascular and muscular demands. We add some fun tools like battle-ropes, medicine balls and air-bikes to the mix to get you breathing deep and burning fat.

Team 360

After a busy week of skill, strength and endurance training, the body ALWAYS needs some TLC. Team 360 offers just that. It is important to remember "it is not training that makes us strong, it is recovery from training that gives us our results". A holistic approach to recovery, mobility, flexibility is the foundation of this class. It is followed by some strength practice and active recovery conditioning to leave your body feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Flexibility Academy

Injury-proof your ankles, knees, & hips + create rock-solid abs in our 30 Minute Flexibility Academy class. This class focuses on joint, hip, and trunk strength & conditioning to create a pain-free, ab-tastic you! Developing bodyweight strength creates independence for your travel workouts, when your hotel has no gym, or you want to train on the beach. Develop balance, control and unreal strength all by better moving your body.