Honestly, the training is kind of the easy stuff, it's navigating workplace snacks, knowing what to eat, when and how much can be the hardest piece for most people. Below you will find information on how to meal prep, what to actually put on your plate, recommended hydration techniques, and many helpful resources to add to your desktop (to read whilst you are pretending to work), and books to add to your library.


Precision Nutrition - How to Plan a Plate

Want to eat a well balanced, healthy meal, but unsure what to put on the plate? Use this easy cheat sheet to pick your food, the correct portion and combination to build the ideal, healthy and delicious plate!

8 weeks out - Optimizing your training through proper nutrition

A 10 minute read that could change the way your train, lose body fat and recover. Don't take my word for it, take a read, blow your mind.

Precision Nutrition - Weekly Meal Prep

Everyone knows what they should be eating, but sometimes life throws a road block in.  This guide helps you plan your meals for the week so that you can navigate your crazy week and still keep up with your nutrition.

Precision Nutrition - Portion Sizes

Forget the hassle of measuring cups and weighing out food. This quick guide will help you portion out your meals appropriately and help keep you on track.

Precision Nutrition - Common Nutrition Questions

Nutrition can be very confusing, don't worry, we agree! Our team strongly feels that nutrition should be just as simple and easy as strength training. This fantastic article from Precision Nutrition answers some of your questions. Check it out!

The Gerilyn Burnett - How to Get Lean + Healthy in 10 Steps

After working with 10s of people over the past 8 years, these 10 steps, in order, have produced more lasting results than any cookie cutter diet, protocol, or fitness plan. Stubborn fluff is more about other areas of your life... so why not step around the symptom (fluff), address the cause, and eliminate the problem. :)

Precision Nutrition - How to Eat for Your Body Type

Everybody needs food, but not everybody needs the same portions. Use this fun infographic to know where to start checking in with your specific body type.

Recommended books, blogs and buys:

Robb Wolf - Wired To Eat

In this book, Robb Wolf does a fantastic job of framing a difficult subject simply. He outlines the reasons why eating whole, unprocessed foods is so powerful and gives a simple and easy to follow guideline of how to see great results through realistic and lasting nutritional adjustments. All this in a simple (not easy) guide that leads to greater performance, fat loss, recovery and loving relationships.

Michael Pollan - The Omnivore’s Dilemma

In this book, Michael Pollan enlightens readers on the reality of how food is produced in this country and its connection to our health. If you’ve ever questioned where your food comes from, this is a great place to start. And if you’ve never questioned where your food comes, you should - so start here as well.