Most people know they need to train and eat well to obtain optimal health. However, most do not realize how import recovery is. Below, you will find helpful information about the importance of recovery as well as some daily mobility practices.  


Dr Kirk Parsley - The Importance of Sleep

This brief 15 minute video outlines the importance of sleep from a real world perspective. Sleep is one of the foundations of strength, weightless, overall fitness and happiness. Ignore it at your peril.

Precision Nutrition - All About Recovery

Exercise and nutrition are a big part of living a healthy lifestyle, but often overlooked, is recovery. Sometimes this can be the most crucial aspect that most of us are missing. This article from Precision Nutrition goes into depth about the importance of recovery. Let us know what you think!

Born Fitness - How a Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat, Sick, & Injury Prone

This easy-to-read article connects the dots with how your sleeping habits affect your waist line, your injury-proneness, how many fat cells you carry around, and your hunger levels. BOOM.


Functional Range Conditioning - Controlled Articular Rotations (Morning Routine)

Move it or lose it! Here is a quick morning routine from Ethos Coach Matt Crush to help take care of your joints on a daily basis.  The more joints you can take care of the better, but be sure to hit the major ones (neck, shoulder, hip, spine, ankle)

Max Shank - 5 Minute Flow

A little bit of movement every day goes a long way - keep your body healthy by moving a little bit every day.