Mindset Part II: Let's Be Honest

Be honest with yourself. If there is something you want to focus on because you believe it will better you and your life, then be honest and stand by it. No matter how seemingly futile, embarrassing or insignificant it may seem to others, if it is important to you then you are far more likely to stick by it, because it is yours.

Coach Jay's mapping task...

Coach Jay's mapping task...

Working through your mapping from last week (after you went back to it a couple of times and adjusted as promised...right), you should have a pretty good idea of what is important to you at this point. Being honest allows you to really consult whether what you have decided upon what is realistic, early on in your journey. If it seems difficult, well that's just fine. Weighing up the options and being truly honest about this change is essential, but rarely ever easy. If you don’t believe in the goal you’ve set forth, then start now on working out the kinks before you charge headfirst into something unprepared, setting yourself up for failure.


Decide, declare, now deliver

Some more so than others may feel they do better with others around them knowing what they are attempting, for accountability and security along the journey. Others may not. In certain situations, a goal may be better kept to yourself, keeping your work internal, only discovered and learned from by you. This is a decision you will need to make on your own depending on what you know about yourself. If it is a healthy eating goal and you and your colleagues eat out a lot, then it is likely worth sharing with them so they can help you by choosing suitable restaurants rather than taking you to The Greasy Spoon Cafe. Whatever you decide, be honest and own your goals. They are important to you, waste no time quarreling with those that aren’t willing to accept your desired change.

See you next week with some tips on focus. Until then, Be honest and start working on your changes.