Lifting Heavy S#%T or Tying Tour Laces - It Doesn't Matter!

A note on safety and correctly moving around the gym.

A movement is not started or finished until the bell has been properly picked up and placed back down. Whether lifting heavy s#%t or just moving from spot to spot. Move well. Be mindful. Look after yourself.

Moving a kettlebell from spot A to spot B safely. All too often we see people move the bells to their spot without thinking about proper form. Different and "interesting" ways we have seen this are shown in the video. Maybe it's the back bend to grab it and swing it while you walk, or the drag it and place it. No matter the size, we are working with heavy weights and can easily hurt ourselves (or others) if we are not mindful of how we move the bells. Always remember to hinge at the hips, maintain a flat back and full grip on the bell when picking up and putting down the bell. When walking with the bell, either carry it as a suitcase carry or with both hands on the bell, lats turned on, proud chest and core engaged.

*no coaches were injured in the making of this video**