If you are going to wear the suit, you need to be the man/woman.


If you say you're going to do something, do it. Complete the task to the best of your ability whether it is for you or for someone else. Consider how you feel when someone you value and respect lets you down? A friend that flakes on your coffee catch up last minute. A partner who says they’ll be home by 6pm and then returns at 9pm. Disappointment is a horrible feeling. We hate to do it to others and when others disappoint us.

So why is it ok to disappoint ourselves? To renege on our commitments to ourselves? To undervalue our importance by side-stepping something that at some point we thought was important enough to give great thought and desire too?

Today then, this isn't about effort. This now is about mindset.

We need to start seeing ourselves as important enough to achieve our goals (our health and fitness goals in particular, as this body is the only one we will get, and is the vessel in which we live and achieve any other goal worth a damn in) and committing to sticking to them for us. For our own health. For our own purpose and pleasure.

I understand life comes with responsibilities and sacrifices. Having children, owning a business, having a high-pressure job where others rely on you. Here's the crux though. If you are sick, unhealthy, or a real shit to be around. What's the bloody point?

Responsibilities mean nothing if you aren't adept enough to handle them.

I once did an in-service of a long time PT member of mine and had the pleasure of briefly talking to his right-hand woman in private. She looked at me and said something to the effect of  “whatever he’s doing with you, its working in here too. Sure he’s losing weight, but he's energetic now. Hes focused. Hes leading the team like we always new he could. He’s smiling and he is just getting stuff done all over the place. He is a real force.” I remember that conversation in an office space in South Boston vividly. The member in question has gone on to become a world renowned leader in his industry with projects across the globe and more accolades than you can shake a stick at.

He isn't successful at work or in the gym because he took a magic pill. Instead he had a mindset shift. He committed to himself that he was worth sticking to a damn task long enough to give himself a real fighting chance at being successful. He's done that and more.

If you are going to wear the suit. You need to be the man/woman. If you are going to set the goal, you need to know you are worth sticking to it.